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pippin0285 [userpic]
Hope ya'll find it funny
by pippin0285 (pippin0285)
at February 6th, 2006 (07:37 pm)


The Pope and her
Danced Naked
In the Rain

While the Virgin Mother
Is nailed to the wall
Shaitan manipulates
her Spatula spawn

As God smokes a blunt
Raping false religions
Dancing round the pit
You'll join us in the END!

elexandros [userpic]
You're mod loves you
by elexandros (elexandros)
at October 24th, 2005 (01:13 pm)

You're weekly Pope for 10/24:


...because the "link" button isn't working. Peh.

::be still my love:: [userpic]
by ::be still my love:: (zannisru629)
at October 18th, 2005 (11:48 pm)

Shaitan loves you.

elexandros [userpic]
by elexandros (elexandros)
at October 12th, 2005 (02:08 pm)

So, um yeah.
Pope Sarah's livejournal. Here.
It is.
If anyone's good at makng icons, we could use one. Just let me know, and I'll give you my e-mail so I can upload it to the forum. Community. Thing.

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