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pope_sarah's Journal

Follower's of Pope Sarah F.
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And here, young minions, we have the Live Journal for the Followers of Pope Sarah and her amazing papal powers to congregate. The only requirement for joining our group is your belief in the power of Pope Sarah. Not to mention a good sense of fun. :D
Our Officers:
Pope Sarah
The Virgin Mother
Santan's Spawn
The Papal Roommate
The Pope's Prostitute
and my good self, your Mod, (who loves you) The Arch-Bishop of Boozelfluh and her Bevy of Alter Boys.
Damn, I love long titles.

P.S. As Mod, I maintain the right to actually, you know, moderate this community. I hold the right to delete any posts that come to be deemed...not....um...good...nice...whatever from this community. Otherwise, have fun, be nice, and no flames.
And since I have no idea what the hell we'd do with a Live Journal account for a Pope, do whatever your little hearts desire.
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